FUC Wiki Help

Don't be shy! The FUC Wiki was created for everyone to contribute to. If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask :)

To add to an existing Wiki page

Just above the page entry on the left you will see "edit". Click on this and voila! You can now add to the page.

To link to another Wiki page

You just need to ((cuddle)) the word you want to make a link. eg. gen is an ((admin)) who skipped the whole ((s00permod)) stage. She was never a ((stinky pink)) and she rocks as much as ((ojim)) and ((pandora)) do.

*** Please note ***

Some page titles cannot be cuddled and need to be added as an external link. Pages with spaces eg stinky pink, or with characters like # ~ & ! need to be done as an external link. Cuddling them may result in your disappointment. If you are having trouble working it out please email a Wiki Keeper.

To create a new Wiki page

On the left hand side menu scroll down to the "Quick edit a Wiki page" and type in the new page name eg. christians. You will then have a blank page to work with.

I added a link to another page in the Wiki and the link has a "?" at the end of it.

This means there is no current Wiki page with that name. Simply click on the "?" and create the new page.

To help keep the Wiki tidy, please check if there is another variation of the page title before creating a new page eg. stinkypink rather than stinky pink.

Posting external links

When editing a page to post external links click on the quick links button, then on the external links button, high light the url and replace with your own url.

Posting images in pages

To post your pic as a link use the external link button and paste the url in there (top line in photobucket)

[http://img.photobucket.com/albums/mygoatsepic.gif|goatse rocks]

The red text is what your link title will be. eg. click here

To post a pic in the entry use the url line in photobucket and add the bolded part {img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/mypic.gif"}

If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns please email

FUC Wiki Keepers