FUC Wiki Guidelines

Basic common sense will ensure this is a cool FUC community info centre where all FUC users are welcome to contribute.

We ask that users register with an id that is very similar to their FUC id and use their FUC registered email address.

Any id that is created and is not recognised as the id of a registered FUC member will be deleted.

If images of a disturbing nature are to be included in the wiki through links to photobucket or any external host please include a warning and add them as a link rather than an image that is seen when the page loads.

We ask that users keep inter-personal disputes out of wiki regardless of where they originate. Please respect the contributions of your fellow fucers when contributing to existing entries - please add your comments rather than deleting or editing the existing text. If you believe something should be edited or removed please refer it to the Wiki Keepers.

The Wiki Keepers are admin of the Wiki. The current Wiki Keepers are Golden Fleece, member #64 and pepe. We ask that users follow instructions from the Wiki Keepers when requested. Wiki Keepers can remove posts, images, comments and any input into the Wiki that they see fit without any negotiation. Wiki Keepers can also time out wiki accounts and / or delete them with or without removing previous input by users at their discretion.

If somehow your wiki account ends up being timed out (banned) for a period of time, it has no impact on your using the forum as long as you follow the BUP of the forum as per usual.

The main idea of the Wiki is so that every fucer can contribute, and have fun! If we all stick to the above guidelines and respect each otherís contributions this will be an awesome tool for every fucer to use.

If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns please email Wiki Admin

I am over eighteen years of age and I agree to follow the FUC Wiki Guidelines