FUCtions Guidelines

Basic common sense will ensure this is a cool FUC community resource that all FUC users are welcome to participate in.

We ask that users register with an id that is very similar to their FUC id and use their FUC registered email address.

Any id that is created and is not recognised as the id of a registered FUC member will be deleted.

We ask that a minimum of $1 per sold listing is donated towards FUC running costs. The amount or % of the sale being contributed to FUC must be displayed clearly in each listing.

Please list only a maximum of 5 auctions at any one time.

You may relist unsold items. There is no listing fee for items that do not sell. Please use common sense when relisting and do not continually relist the same unsold item.

Please ensure you are familiar with FUCtions terms and conditions. A listing may be ended at any time at our discretion without prior notice. If we all use common sense hopefully this won't be necessary.

In the event of a dispute, please do not take it to the forum. If you have tried to resolve it amicably and are unable to please email FUCtions Admin as a last resort only.

If your fuctions account is suspended or banned, it may impact your forum membership.

The main idea of FUCtions is so that every fucer has the opportunity to participate, ands assist with FUC running costs! If we all stick to the above guidelines and respect each other this will be a fantastic opportunity for every fucer to use.

If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns please email
FUCtions Admin

I am over eighteen years of age and I agree to follow the FUCtions Guidelines